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No complains
posted on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 02:15
What is like to be a University student? To be honest i'm still new with all this. Tho I've only experienced hostel life for a year back in matriculation college. To be honest there's a lot of work piling up before me. Plus, i'm super busy with club activities that I can't even spend time at night doing my work in my room. I usually get back around 12 a.m then only can I resume with my homework and studies. I find this super exhausting. And I can't wait for all this to be over haha (hopefully next week sobs). I need to do well in my studies as well. I obviously didn't come here to fail. I should resume my work. It feels nice to write once in a while..

Silent ways
posted on Friday, 1 September 2017 10:40

She was broken in the most silent way. 
And she can't help but feel doubtful.
She was scared in the most silent way.
Of what might hurt and deepen her wounds.
She was crying in the most silent way.
As it overflowed her like the heavy clouds.
She was hurt, unknowingly,
by her own silent thoughts.
Midnight thoughts
posted on Tuesday, 22 August 2017 12:01
To be honest when I first received my cgpa I felt accomplished. I knew how hard I studied. Only God knows my effort. I wanted to blame myself and say maybe I didnt studied hard enough but NO. I reminded myself earlier not to ever blame myself. I've pulled all nighters, drank coffees to keep my eyes open, never once skipping lecture, I thought I had nothing to lose. And whatever result bestowed upon me was the result of all my efforts that no one else knew of but Allah. Even when my result wasn't as I expected, I had to force myself to belive that this is for the best. For me, my family, my country and even my religion. I wanted to believe that Allah S.W.T had offered me the best plan. Even when I cried my eyes out upon receiving University result which is located so far away from home. I though of how terribly homesick I might be.  I still wanted to believe in Him. I pray not to ever doubt His plans. Come to think of it I got into a university course that I once dreamed of. But that was when I was really young. I wanted to be someone creative and inspiring. Now that I got through all the way here, I actually forgot what I wanted for myself. I didn't know what I wanted anymore. I was lost. But perhaps returning to this dream I once wished for is the best for me. And for once again I am grateful.