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Cool women are big criers.
posted on Saturday, 5 August 2017 11:49
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That's all there is to state.

The days I took for granted
posted on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 20:53
I was actually feeling lonely for some reason just now and thought I need to write. I need to get these feelings out of me. It's overflowing and i'm filled with this anxiousness-- okay let's not be poetic. I'm actually feeling a lot better now.

So me and a friend of mine went to school today to get our certificates. The moment I stepped in, my teacher's car came along and he was looking out of the window and I could have sworn that he looked at me (and he used to be my crush teacher HAHA!). I wonder if he still remember me? So yeah the memories kinda came washing back right at me. The same school with moments of treasure. But is slightly distant from me now. I look around and kids were staring at us. Like how I used to stare at senior outsiders back then. It's kinda sad. I wish to go back in time. To be in that moment again. To not think and worry about anything but to wake up early every morning, concentrate in class, do a bunch of homework and simply have fun. But I also don't. I don't wanna change anything. My past mistakes are what making me grow into who I am. I worry so much about the future that I overlooked the importance of today. I don't wanna write to much. But truly, I want Allah to know how grateful I am. I want to always believe how His plans are the best for me. For all of us. xx
posted on Monday, 3 July 2017 02:44
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One of the things I find myself to be cowardly of is change. 

I like being in the water. We went for an island holiday few days ago and I can still feel the fresh breeze from the sea. I was actually reading a book and listening to my favourite song, looking out from the ferry's window and see a never ending blue sky and deep sea. At that time I felt lucky. I'd never get this sort of chance. The chance to put away your worries and feel complete for once. I remember walking on my slippers through the town's street at night, which is very lively with lights and people and beautiful ornaments from the shops. I can still hear the sound of waves from the beach just right behind the block. My parents don't really mind about staying out late. We'd stop by a cafe at almost midnight to get some ice creams and we're cool. There's fireworks going on at the beach and I still remember how close it was above me. Then I was up above the mountains. Fog washing the very peak and wind blew so fast I felt like flying. I look down and see how small everything is, how far the blue sea stretched, how beautiful the view is and how close I am to the Creator. 

I think travelling and getting close to nature makes us appreciate God's creations even more. To actually experience what the world has to offer. Despite it being a world that is known to only be temporary. It's so mesmerizing that my mind couldn't wrap around all of it. I'm still young and there's a lot that I wish to accomplish. That was one trip that made me felt this way. To be disconnected from the world, only to be more connected to what's beyond it. I wish I'd get more of this opportunity. I wish to discover more . To be amaze by them. To not feel afraid of changes.