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Matriculation College Life Expectations (KMK)
posted on Saturday, 29 April 2017 06:55

Assalamualikum. Hi! I just felt like blogging after who-knows-how-long has it been. After hearing about result matrik for new students is out I can't help but remember what it's like to first enter this matriculation college. Just so you know, i'm still a matrik student at Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah and I'll be sitting for PSPM 2 (finals) in like.. 2 days? Lol.

So obviously those who are looking for some light to shed upon them whether they should join matrik or not.. well i'm here to do so. Back then I used to get all anxious and nervous when it comes to choosing the right path for my future. Honestly I still am. But if I could help u a little bit from my amazing experience.. that would be wonderful. Yes, joining matrik here in KMK has been one of the most amazing journey of my life. The me from the past would find this hard to believe but YES I had fun. I learnt new things. I opened new doors that I couldn't imagine myself to open. And yes I will eventually miss KMK when it is time for me to leave in the next 2 weeks.

You heard it before, rumors on how hard it is to survive matrik. With all those jam packed classes from morning till evening. And rushed syllabus. Wew. Ok well all I can say is that there's no easy way to success. If you wish to be successful, don't expect things to come rolling in front of you without any efforts coming out of you. I'm just a normal student from normal sekolah harian (Badlishans where u at!? ;) ). I've never experienced what its like to stay away from home. Away from family members and friends. And I know Nothing on what its like to live in a hostel. True, I was scared. but I thought on how I can't keep on living behind the lines and need to get out there and grow up. Eventually I learn bits by bits and now it has became a part of me. I'm used to it. And its fun to actually have roommates and friends around you. And the feeling of going home by train myself once a month and actually live the life of a college student. So do not fret! Always remember to put on positive thoughts and have fun along the way in getting to know new things in life.

I won't lie that my 2 semester in KMK was super hectic. We have classes from 8 to 5 and there are a few breaks so we can have our lunch or solat between classes. But I heard the next batch will have classes straight from morning till noon only so they won't have to wait till 5 pm? Wow how lucky. Then make sure not to waste the time in the evening haha. Yup it was very tiring. Sometimes we have classes at night just to keep up with the syllbus. It's not like any of those typical student life in Universities. You're given 1 year to STUDY. So make very good use of it. You might think it can be hard to cope but don't worry. You have friends who walk along the same route and hardship as you are and you'll just get use to it. What im saying is you'll have fun along the way.

From here I guess you can tell my life in matrik has been fun lol. But also remmber to choose the path that you wish to and want instead of forcing yourself to study something that you dont like. Im actually a science student. So if you got yourself into science stream and dont really like or wish to continue your path in it, then I suggest to think more carefully and not force yourself to be in a path you wish not to. You dont want to regret and change courses later on cuz it'll probably just waste you time and efforts. So think carefully! This is all from my so called experience. I'll probably update more. Till then xx
posted on Friday, 13 January 2017 11:08
She's everything that I wish to be. When I heard all the plans she'd make come true, my heart twisted. Yes, I thought. Those from the rich have the tickets to do so. While the dreams of mine doesn't seem like something I can even reach; yet grab. Insecurities wash me all over. I told my friend about it and she just shrugged and said what's the point of living with just your parents' money till the end. Those who do couldn't taste the sweetnest of their hardwork coming to fruition. And if you work hard to reach for it, your dreams might not be as far and high as you think - Just a grasp away.
posted on Saturday, 1 October 2016 11:59

It's been quite stressful lately. I'm tired of doubting myself. Why can't I do this? Why can't I do that? I'm such a loser. I'm so dumb. So ugly. So unworthy.

Then something in me rose and I knew, even from the slightest glimpse, there is chance. Don't give up. You're not perfect but that's okay. You're worth it. You're beautiful. You're you. Life may try to bring you down but there's always people out there who still hopes the best out of you. Who believe in you. And what's worse is to repeat the same mistake. Seeing the chance before you, only to let it go by.